Sunday, December 25, 2011

I turned DEAF..

As my age grew up I added a lot of wisdom. The wisdom that many of us added. An asset. The same wisdom for what many of us are boastful of... I am now so generous to share my wisdom among us. 

I just love my rides only with the music on. I just hate  if the volume is anything less than the maximum. I give a damn what others think or others need. I am just me and I just live life for myself. I don't care even when an ambulance is a way behind me with its siren pleading me for help, just requesting a clearance to save a life. Mercy is a sin to me.

I love U dear KFC.. McD I adore you like hell.. My appetite is never satisfied if I don't visit you. Im just born for you .. my parents fed me your chicken popcorn before anything.. I had a double Phd in your 'licknomics'... I cant imagine any tradeoff for you. Not even a worthy charity. I don't care people dying hunger, begging on streets for food, and people who cant even do that. I rather want my affluence portrayed than humanity.

C'mon how can you forget what the damn u did to me. Do you want me explain all that. I don't have anything with you to listen all your stuff. Just feel the pain which u gave it to me. Forgiveness what the hell .. you don't deserve uttering that word again. I am done.. Leave me now before I kick you away... These are my only words if anyone asks me forgiveness. 

Its their fate no one can change them I cant do anything. Sorry, get away from me.Its not the right time you are asking me. Im helpless. I cant do anything for you my immediate answer for help. I hate my things being touched. Its my hard earned money. This chocolate is my girlfriends gift man how can I share it with u. Hey what you ordered is 12 bucks extra you need to pay for it. I will pay only for mine. I paid for your sugarcane juice near the hostel gate now you pay mine. We ordered only for 2 people, understand, it cannot be shared with you now.... Appreciate my generosity..NOW. 

Did you join that community I created in facebook... why don't you follow my blog man.. tomorrow there's an eco-friendly campaign bro come at sharp 10:00 am... hey nothing much to do man hold a banner and walk for a mile at max that's it you get a T Shirt for it... bhayya chai do.. disposal mein de na.. abey ek aur cover lelena .. Hey 2nd floors yar lets go in lift... chalo yar.. bahar aur ek pani bottle karid lenge..  Biscuit pack cover ha..vaha pe dalo na kuch nahin hotha hi.. mai kyu leke dustbin mein daloon.. agar tum ye karne se noble prize milega kya.. Choo_iya.. 

Stop non-sense yar.. enf preaching.. what Ambulance stuff.. what helping nature.. what sharing ..what forgiveness.. what the heck is social responsibility.. I cant hear & understand anything.. better go to some TV channel they will publish your program in the early hours.. U can get a fan club too.. U can become another Nityananda...and earn for your preaching.

I know I am an a**O became deaf to all these courtesy's.. How many of you want to be called hyper a**O 's who are in the verge of joining my club... Warm Welcome to all of U....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"who i am?"

Having asked MYSELF the same question "who i am?" 

Searching for the subtle answer for my question, only surmounted me a cloud of melancholy.
Neither knowing what my destiny is, nor understanding where my journey terminates,
is the only turbulence that that always haunts.

Deep down the heart is there lies the emptiness, not knowing what can fill its thirst.
Having believed you as my destiny, filled my heart with only you and your memories,
forgot living myself, for what I really meant for being.

In search of myself, retrospecting where I was lost, I found myself forgot my past.
I recall you for everything I notice, I disregard everything to seeing you virtual.
In the world of dreams with you I passed my reality, just you being my world I lost my identity.

Now came the time to ask myself "who i am?" wanted to know who I really am.
I have no answer than it is "you I am", without you its just "____ (nothing) I am".
It is you that can fill the emptiness of my life and reveal me the reality "who i am?" 

Its the benediction of life itself that can swap everything to nothing & nothing to everything.
Salutations to   "you".